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By Maya Dukmasova and Ben Joravsky He e-mailed parents and students, many of them livid over school closures, and sifted through public testimony. When I told Finney I thought he'd been used as part of Huberman's larger antiunion campaign, he went off. I was having this conversation with a gay friend last night as we were ignoring that football game. He is not—repeat, not—a paid consultant for CPS.

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By Julia Weiss

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What's Next for Chicago Public Schools?

By Marianna Beck The other guy, Goldner, is one of Mayor Daley's favorite political operatives. That fall he ran Rod Blagojevich's first general election campaign for governor. The case is still pending in federal court. Congratulations, coach Bobby Locke. They might not have known much about TIFs, but man, they all knew about that. By Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke

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At this day and age, we need to see the forest for the trees. By Julia Weiss Best of luck, my brother—it's been a blast. It was difficult for my parents at first. And now he's running Chicago Public Schools. By Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke TIFs are hard enough to understand when you're sober.