Outcomes of gay adoption

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Visit Source Website Sarantakos, S. The New York Times. Where all things are equal, children do best with their biological parents. First Czech same-sex couple to foster parent a child". A study by Stanford researcher Michael Rosenfeld used census data to examine the school advancement of 3, children with same-sex parents, finding no significant differences between households headed by same-sex and opposite-sex parents when controlling for family background. Journal of Family Psychology, 20 3

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Visit Source Website Lamb, M.

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LGBT adoption

Results indicated that same-sex and heterosexual parents did not differ with respect to their parent practices or home-school partnerships. They were also asked to specify their sexual identity on the Kinsey scale, between exclusively heterosexual and exclusively homosexual. Visit Source Website Hoeffer, B. Unlike fathers in heterosexual families, the lesbian social mother is as much involved in child activities as is the biological mother. Visit Source Website Perry, B. Retrieved 12 July

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Lifetime sexual behavior was assessed through questions about heterosexual and same-sex contact, age of first sexual experience, contraception use, and pregnancy. Because many pediatricians are fortunate to care for 2 or more generations of a family, we are likely to encounter and remain involved with our patients, regardless of sexual orientation, as they mature and mark the milestones of establishing a committed partnership with another adult, deciding to raise a family, and entrusting the health and well-being of their own children to us. Jesus came to give life more abundantly. Psychological adjustment of year-old adolescents. How does the gender of parents matter? Scandinavian Journal of Psychology43 4 Table 1 Description of studies on child well-being in same-sex parent families and data used.

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