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Overturn Verdicts for Homosexual Conduct". Add new comment Your name. He had to leave Morocco after the authorities were infuriated by him and a group of other activists who were trying to formally set up a pro-LGBT organisation called Akaliyat minorities. Established init has not been given legal recognition by the Department of the Interior, but it has been unofficially permitted to organize certain educational seminars. Political life in Morocco, as such, offers an open playing field for the use of rumours as a weapon in the service of political competitors.

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As such, several unofficial Facebook pages provide Moroccan internet users with images of the King on his private visits, as was the case in Dubai and Tunisia this year.

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Morocco: the Monarch and Rumours

The men were sentenced to varying terms on 17 Decemberafter a video circulated online—including on YouTube—purporting to show a private party, allegedly including the men, taking place in Ksar el-Kebir on 18 November. View our privacy policy yes, I accept. Iran will overcome sanctions, slap US Despite its lack of liveliness, Moroccan political life beyond the Monarchy does not escape the rumour mill either. Log in to leave a comment.

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The first three of these parties would later agree to form a government in The Palace, thinking itself playing fair with a sensitive statement on the health of the monarch thought itself let down by the attitude of certain media outlets that in its opinion were desperate to deal in sensationalism, at any price. Books about the King: Government attitudes towards homosexuality tend to be in the interests of the protection of the tradition of the country, in keeping with the culture's traditional gender roles and religious mores. A second meeting with Laurent and his co-author Graciet was recorded, and on the basis of this recording, the authorities opened an official investigation against the couple on charges of blackmail and extortion. Faced with this flood of rumours, journalists and politicians in Morocco shift the blame onto one another. A world survey of laws prohibiting same sex activity between consenting adults" PDF.

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