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Will skateboarders freak out when they discover they are a fetishized masculine archetype among gay men? I kind of read into their stories, knowing they kind of disappeared, and it did freak me out. I saved up all this money from competitions and stuff and as soon as I finished school I bought a one-way plane ticket to Barcelona. I think that made it a little bit easier. How is this kind of discrimination being combatted?

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Even though South Africa as a whole can be quite conservative in some ways, basically Cape Town is quite a metropolitan gay hub.

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It cannot go away soon enough. Big Brother gave a gay skateboarder, Jarret Berrythe cover of the magazine, but the photo was him skating a handrail in chaps with his ass hanging out. While there are hundreds of new skateboard clips coming out every single day, none of them give you that magical feeling that Bronze does. And this is why Brian Anderson coming out is a very, very good thing. Well, I was kind of imploding around 18 or

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September 29, 4: Are there laws against hate crimes or hate speech? Video technology has improved drastically over the years, but skate purists still prefer the look and feel of this clunky old camera. June 27, 3: I am thirty years old. I just waited for everyone I knew to be at the right age to be able to navigate the news in a mature manner. InBirdhouse am Tim Von Werne had his Skateboarder magazine interview pulled by his sponsors when they learned he planned to openly discuss being gay in it.

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