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He saw two classmates in the store's parking lot. Pride Police Chief Jeff Halstead said Gibson was the patron who grabbed at the agent's groin. That's the number to call to report officer misconduct. These debates centered on the way gay identity became separated from the kind of queer politics that sought to deeply change social inequality. Latino Voices.

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There were five or six youths between 18 and

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When I see my cousin asserting his comfort with calling his presumably straight male friends "faggots," I do not feel directly afraid of my cousin, but I feel afraid of the culture that both he and I are surrounded by and respond so differently to. I don't know, I guess that scared him, cause I was looking real mean about that time and a little scared. I was able to defuse it, and let them know I was going to stand my ground.

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Why are there so many fags in jeeps, this is supposed to be sublime and relaxing, but all these fags are so damn obnoxious.

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