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Based on findings from the study, implications for practice and directions for future research are offered. Patrocinio Schweickart, Gender and Reading. In a publishing market dominated by male central characters 77 and where the only female protagonists are to be found in book series specifically targeting girls 78 — as if a female protagonist were not interesting enough for a male reader— there is, indeed, a change to be noticed in how girls and women are represented. Francesca Crescentini Milano, Nord-Sud, Overall, this work provides a more nuanced explanation of the federal sentencing disparities that exist for Hispanic non-citizens, which merit greater attention. Una bambina del nordtrans.

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Mo non era un essere ambiguo e inquietante, era certamente un bambino o una bambina e prestissimo lo si sarebbe saputo e ci si sarebbe potuti comportare di conseguenza

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Candidates for the 2014 ASA Election

Femininity is thus not the product of a choice, but the forcible citation of a norm, one whose complex historicity is indissociable from relations of discipline, regulation, punishment. Immigrant Workers and the Future of the U. Subversions, Agency Attributions, Desires: These effects were strongest in the sentence length models. The framework for the analysis is provided by literary theory. Trevor adores Lady Gaga and cannot really understand why the whole school is repeatedly calling him gay since he himself does not have a clue if he actually is:

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This dissertation built upon this gap in the literature to advance understanding of a new measure of co-parenting behaviors among parents who have experienced a relationship dissolution. In the final set of analyses, I examined gender differences in the association between employment status and parental affect. Previous research finds that parents are more stressed, depressed, and have lower life satisfaction than non-parents Clark et al. Divorce may terminate the romantic relationship among partners, but for those with shared children, the joint responsibility in childrearing remains. ASA has provided the resources for me to develop as a researcher, teacher, and a public sociologist. Show more The experience of divorce can be a complex and challenging experience, particularly for families with minor children. Finally, perceptions of sexual interest and concerns about sexual advances mediated the indirect effect of the partner sexual orientation X contagion concerns interaction on concerns about being misidentified during the interaction.

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