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The show's first season led to a record 26 Emmy nominations[1] and six awards. Adrienne Lesniak Jahna Steele Greg wound up fathering Abby's baby by artificial insemination, however, but becoming a father a third time didn't improve his disposition much. Whether Clark is exaggerating the truth a bit in order to make the show seem more plausible is unknown, but that's their story and they're sticking to it. After Naomi quit, the PAA shuffle continued with Dolores, a quiet would-be dancer with a major self-esteem problem who made money on the side as both a stripper and a hooker. Who knew Gosselaar would prove to be the best actor among the Bayside bunch? Clark's father was a cop for nearly 30 years, but not a good one in the eyes of Andy.

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Cops get to be Detectives through appointments, either for good work or because a particular boss takes a liking to them.

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Full Cast & Crew

Here's how it works: He attended Regis High School and graduated from Harvard in before joining the force in It was the culmination of months of public speculation on the method of closure that would be employed to write Jimmy Smits's critically acclaimed Bobby Simone character out of the regular cast and clear the way for Smits' replacement, Rick Schroder. A confident youngster who spent the last few years in Narcotics, Clark received the NYPD equivalent of a battlefield commission, earning his gold detective shield after heroic action during an undercover operation gone awry. But the investigation is barely off the ground when the FBI swoops in and takes over, much to Sipowicz's disgust, as he is convinced that that just blew any chances of getting the victim back alive. Caruso has kept a low profile in recent years, retiring from showbiz when CSI:

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The drunker Andy got, the worse the stunts got, until he finally pissed off Alfonse so much that Giardella shot him six times -- and somehow failed to kill him. The first thing you needed to know about the lovely Miss Abandando is that she holds a special place in her heart for the NY Rangers, which means she loves lost causes which the Rangers were until they finally won the Stanley Cup in after a year curse. Breen breaks his promise to Sipowicz by checking up on his son and decides to go back to him, which turns out to be fatal when Breen's son kills him and Sipowicz has to arrest him. Season 2 Episode 9. The official answer is Aaccording to Gordon Clapp, who ought to know -- he plays Medavoy. As you may remember, a subplot of the show involved Medavoy impressing everyone with his skillful bluffs in interrogation of a perverted murderer.

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