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However, the good part about Ragan was that he did seem like a smart, well-spoken guy. Reset password. What was so appealing and interesting about him? Lighten up, people! The date was 27 JanuaryI remember it perfectly because I was travelling to London from Cambridge where I lived at the time for my interview at Westminster University. What sort of impact do you think that has, particularly on straight culture?

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Sean leaned over and said into my ear:

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I think it would be great. We waste no time jumping into giddy talk of how he lasted until the final week of a full summer under hour surveillance with no access to the outside worldand what his relationship with Rance means to a gay community no longer satisfied by seeking mere tolerance. I think the whole Big Brother audience was rooting for a beautifully warm, wonderful, and accepting relationship between a gay man and…Zach. Still remember that hot chocolate comp, was pretty intense.

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What's even worse was that he was one of the few players who actually came to compete that season, and not follow around some annoying bearded dude that I NEVER want to see in the BB house again.

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