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FCE; What is sexual orientation? These negative views may contribute to depression and suicidality. Sensitivity, to see the human being, it seems to me, and I say it in my talks a lot and it's in the sexual rights charter, that one has the right to have any identity or any generic preference In agreement with some court proceedings in Colombia relating to this subject, in the Congregation for the Doc trine of the Catholic Faith considered that homosexual unions went against the natural law.

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The former arise from their relationship with others; from the healthcare team, society, family, work environment.

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Cinema was what began to edu cate me in what I call gender theory or in the theory of sexual and gender identities Resources for Professionals and Students. Addictive Behaviors

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The study participants are resistant to dominant discourses regarding homosexuality, in so far as they consider that it is not a matter of illness or health, abnormality or normality; it is a nature that transcends the positivist polarities in which it is proposed to understand life.

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