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The socioeconomic issues associated with poverty—including limited access to high-quality health care, housing, and HIV prevention education—directly and indirectly increase the risk of HIV infection for some African American gay and bisexual men and may also affect the health of people who have HIV. Strategic essentialism works well at necessary moments when political recognition is the ultimate goal. Duke University Press: The given rules are simple: Cruising Utopia: The assumption that saying 'sorry' renders anti-Asian sentiment somehow acceptable.

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The racial and ethnic differences within a queer community have also been erased in favor of a whitewashed image of the community that can be used as a marker of progressiveness when compared to non-white, non-Western countries.

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Leading LGBT organizations and queer spokespeople blamed homophobia within the black community for the passing of Proposition 8. They invite us to understand why a queer critique that does not account for blackness is not enough to re-queer anything. Questions and Answers Fact Sheet:

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