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The movie White Lies opens on June My second target audience is the rest, the non-Maori and international audience," he says. Article History. He's done it before. Edit Mode.

Eventually he spent five years at Auckland University, passed only a sprinkling of units, and was excluded.

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In The Whale Rider ; filmthe dynamics of Maori society are examined through the eyes of a young girl who must overcome gender prejudices to assume her place as the next leader of her people. While directors Peter Jackson, Jane Campion and the half-Maori Lee Tamahori spent the lates becoming notable Hollywood players, Maori film-making appeared to go into a state of hibernation. Indigenous fiction has continued to flourish since then but until the release of Whale Rider many feared that Maori film-making was following a different path:

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Contemporary characters are inserted into a Maori myth about warring birds in Sky Dancer