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Share it in your networks! The Filipino word for gay has an archaic usage. Lao and Thai are also very similar and share most of their basic vocabulary, but differences in many basic words limit inter-comprehension. We should acquire knowledge, wisdom, good habits, and wide experience. Traditional punctuation marks include an obsolete mark indicating silenced consonants; used to indicate repetition of the following word; the Lao ellipsis that is also used to indicate omission of words; a more or less obsolete symbol indicating shortened form of a phrase such as royal names ; and used to indicate et cetera. Many terms are derived from gaythe common word in English used to refer to homosexual men and women homosexual women are also called lesbians. Start a Wiki.

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And if you know any other word or you think there is a mistake, please leave us a comment on the word or send us a message. It is the most universal and international way of naming homosexual men, that is, men who show an inclination towards the erotic-affective relationship with individuals of the same sex. Lao Dialects Dialect:

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