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In ancient Greece the gender of one's partner s was not important, but instead whether one took the active or passive role. In that way we could know whether earlier implicit references are in fact a show that it was not wrong, but simply not dominant. The father has the power of life and death, after all, isn't that having the ultimate power, and therefore the rest being slaves in some or other capacity? Most of the dialogues present Socrates applying this method to some extent, but nowhere as completely as in the Euthyphro. The gender of one's partner is again not of decisive importance, although some medieval theologians single out same-sex sodomy as the worst type of sexual crime. There is plenty of evidence that pederasty was practiced to an extent in Sparta as an initiation rite. According to Plutarch, Theban pederasty was instituted as an educational device for boys in order to "soften, while they were young, their natural fierceness, and to "temper the manners and characters of the youth".

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At the end of this time, the philetor presented the youth with three contractually required gifts:

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The current rotation is: It seems to be of a later tradition. The Making of History and the World to Come p.

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It is difficult to be sure.

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