Parents of gay teens

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This is not something your child did to you. There is a special link below. They took this chance either because they trusted you and hoped for the best, or because they could not stand to live inauthentically any longer. To Christian Parents of Gay Children. This can be hard for some parents of gay children but it is neccessary so we can keep the lines of communication open. But if you seek it, God will show you the beauty of the journey. Is your child coming out?

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You must trust God with this child you have raised.

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Parents Of Gay Children

If you are a Christian parent, family member or friend to whom your loved one has come out as lesbian or gay or bisexual or transgender or queer, or maybe they are still sorting through it all, then this is for you. What Happened in Just 5 Years. You have the opportunity to make the most of their trust and come through for them with the unconditional love of a parent. Is your child coming out? Perhaps God will work through you to restore the love of Jesus that has been so maligned to a group of people who need God -- as we all do. Do not shun them or take other action, which will only alienate you from their lives.

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Some find it easier not for you to know at all. What will your friends say? Most of our children whether they are younger or older when they have come out to us have usually taken years to try and come to terms with their sexuality or gender. So, allow them that personal journey by asking them how they knew, instead of telling them how you might have! They likely did not tell you the first time they noticed their same-sex attraction, or felt that they were different in some way. Quite simply, they may not be God's expectations.

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