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The messages of loathing that society directs at homosexuality puts those struggling to come to terms with their sexual orientation in a self-policed prison more cruel than anything the society can mandate. Learners experiencing short-term financial hardship can also access a special support fund. The society promotes literature, language and writing and, through community service, helps foster literacy. Students may gain experience in tournament administration and judging at Northern-sponsored high school forensic meets. The center's events include a welcome back mixer; safer sex trivia nights; and Queer Mountaineer Week, which celebrates Queer Appalachia culture. Some prefer to attend a school that is reasonably close to their family, with many online learners opt to live with their parents or guardians in order to save money while earning a degree. Here are some more specifics:

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The Q Center also provides a resource database that includes on-campus resources like the UW counseling center and Hall Health, which provides health and wellness services.

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All NSU students are welcome to join! The Queer Student Cultural Center provides a safe space for students, information about community events, and job opportunities. Student Publications:

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The vibe at UC Davis is very much one of inclusivity and positivity.

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