Maine gay marriage election

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Under Maine's constitution a valid initiative must be sent to the voters unless enacted in the proposed form by the Legislature at the same session during which it was presented. Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage - the leading group opposing same-sex marriage - said those favoring so-called traditional marriage had been outspent by a margin of at least 4 to 1. December 29, For many weeks, reflecting their more than threefold advantage in fund-raising nationwide, advocates of same-sex marriage have unleashed advertisements of their own in which community members say that gay and lesbian friends deserve the same chance to love and marry that others enjoy. Elections and referendums in Maine. December 3, Boston Globe.

maine gay marriage election
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Before this year, ballot initiatives banning the legal recognition of same-sex marriage had succeeded in 31 states, and no state had ever approved same-sex marriage by popular vote. Real Estate. Do you favor a law allowing marriage licenses for same-sex couples, and that protects religious freedom by ensuring that no religion or clergy be required to perform such a marriage in violation of their religious beliefs? Additionally, Portland and other communities, who planned to be open, stated that any couple who wanted a marriage license that day would be given one, not just same-sex couples.

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