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Practices like these, which reduce population, will ultimately place a greater financial burden on a decreasing work force to support an aging population. We appreciate that they contribute in some way to the social norms we all enjoy, and that they, like us, are creators of society as well as participants in it. Young girls have been married off to much older men. Godly love is something quite different. After correcting for this, he showed that on all measures except educationchildren with same-sex parenting were associated with worse outcomes than were children with opposite-sex parenting. I believe it will most likely end up in the same logical fallacy, except it's not coming from god, but our intrinsic belief of rights.

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The Australian Christian Lobby, for example, lists four assertions on its website as to why same sex marriage should not be permitted:

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We can enact laws from here to Timbuktu, which will ensure the same rights of all engaged couples. A foot in two camps? Equality allows for separate showers for men and women.

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Marriage is not the creature of any State.

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