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Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Cross-sex hormones saved my life, and are one of my forms of body modification. There is an adage within online trans communities, especially when it comes to HRT: Because estrogens by themselves are not able to alter a person's voice range or pitch, some people proceed to seek treatment. Sign up for our email newsletter. Get smart. Some undergo surgeries as well.

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It effectively restructured my body from one that looked masculine to one that looked feminine.

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The next natural step for those interested in assisting transgender or male patients, however, would likely be tackling this procedure among women with a rare condition called androgen insensitivity syndromehe says. Get smart. Goodman also says that penises tend to reduce in size once a person is on estrogen. When she retired inafter more than 31 years of service, she was the assistant to the Canadian Forces Chief Communications Operator.

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Some MTF individuals may elect to have voice surgery, altering the range or pitch of the person's vocal cords.

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