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There are an estimated half million crossdressing "eunuchs" in modern-day India, associated with various sects, temples and Hindu deities. Other texts list the various types of men who are impotent with women known in Sanskrit as sandhaklibanapumsakaand panda. Various stories link Bahuchara to castration or other changes in physical sexual characteristics, sometimes as the result of her aiming curses against men. For more details on other versions of this story, see Chapter Six of Love's Riteby the same author. She returns to her kingdom, relates the story, turns the kingdom over to her children and retires to the forest to be the spouse of a hermit, by whom she has a hundred more sons. She makes love with her own kind.

hinduism on transgender
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After this birth the curse is lifted and Ila is totally changed into a man who goes on to father several children with his wife.

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More insight. In his book, Tritiya-Prakriti: It is the effeminate male sexuality for men or for women which is seen as 'different,' and differently categorised.

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Due to the tendency to associate male homosexuality with effeminacy, men who wished to preserve their masculine heterosexual self-image withdrew from homosexual circuits.

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