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In the novella, as opposed to the film, the last the reader knows of Holiday Golightly is a report, years later, of someone spotting in Africa a woman who might have been her. Do not rely on other people to do that. When we reject every attempt to categorize with language, we miss out on this insight. So much for Jenga block 1. It will never work.

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I knock down doors and be present in that space.

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Labels adopted prematurely or foolishly can force people into damaging patterns of life and behavior, making these patterns feel inevitable on the basis of who we think we are. If you want examples of heinous outcomes from this type of institutional racism try these: Pym and, especially, Tyler inspire me to try writing books of their style but with gay men in mind. I watched Mags with her boys and obviously her behaviour was driven by maternal love.

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Perhaps this creates a greater conflict for straight men, because gay guys may be more tolerant of infidelity, mental or actual, than are women.

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