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For many, the institution of marriage is designed to make it very difficult and costly for them to get out of a relationship with someone that they stopped loving many years ago and may now positively detest. This question is related to the last. Supreme Court ruled some bans on same sex marriage to be Unconstitutional that it was a sad day for America, a sad day for the children of America, because children deserve a Mom and a Dad. Sabina James says: If it was so stupid, proponents of gay marriage would simply answer it directly rather than resulting to fallacious ad hominem responses. Adam Burkhardt says: In other languages Add links.

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Who should raise children?

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One of the most prominent is Kinsey Morrison, a Kentucky resident and freshman at Stanford University whose lesbian parents raised her and two kid sisters. This is a list of funny debate motions. Having sex is just a way to express a deep, passionate love for someone. Notify me of new posts via email.

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The fact that a question of this form is so rarely asked is telling on a number of fronts.

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