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When Sean asked Peter to join his Ping-Pong club, the brown-haired college freshman had been surprised -- and thrilled. But his girlfriend showed up and they didn't want me there, so he asked his friend Todd if I could stay with him in his room. He reached into his pocket and shifted his aching cock in his pants, then let the boy have it. They knew they were in for it when they walked into the room and found the shades drawn; they'd both heard that Mr. My friend invites me over for another threesome, but leaves me with a stranger that gives me what I have never had before

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When he was done, he felt Mr.

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The sandy blond hair that he wore in a neat professional cut was slightly mussed; he had been in a hurry that morning. The boy didn't need instruction. Gazing appreciatively at the muscular, athletic bottom of the cute young teenager, he raised his hand back and propelled it forward. A play about sex, I thought to myself with a grimace. He reached into his pocket and shifted his aching cock in his pants, then let the boy have it. Based in a fantasy world where clothing is optional and sex is a casual thing

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Just as he himself had done, he saw that Tim was pushing his bare butt up to meet the blows their teacher dispensed across the reddened butt-cheeks. As he thought about Tim staring at him now, he felt his sphincter tighten. First, he dressed himself again. Another blow fell across his sweaty bottom, the noise cracking sharply in the silent office. As Michael lifted himself dizzily from their teacher's lap, his penis slowly softening, Tim almost leaped forward to take his place.

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