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They're the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. It happened with grunge, it continues to happen with healthcare, it is going to happen with public education, and it is right in front of everyone's faces when it comes to comics, sci-fi etc. There's a lot I love about the reboot. If you think Lin's movies are just big and dumb, you probably haven't actually seen his movies. My son and I were discussing the new Paramount Star Trek series and how we hope that it happens in the Startrek Prime universe. Is there any hope this one will be worth seeing in 3D?

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No longer.

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See also: Let's call the whole thing off. I can forgive it for a lot, too. But of course, Abrams has it be a katana, because he's the Asian Dude.

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I believe there have been 3 sequels?

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