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But I didn't have much time. Because as much as history likes to wash over the details, many a gay pirate sailed the seven seas. D Good job!! In celebration of the end of DOMA, and hoping for the freedom to marry, for everyone, everywhere. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the pirate jokes sail again!!! But there is one thing you never get confussed with and that is the fire, that don't mean somebody won't fall in it.

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But also like flint, you are easily chipped and sparkey.

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How does a pirate put the youngest crew member to sleep? Why does a pirate have a bearrrrrrrrrrrrrrd? To ask other readers questions about My Gay Pirate Romanceplease sign up.

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He looked over at his lovely wife and intended to say,"Honey will you please pass the butter?

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