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And Tom — if you are reading this, make sure you do at least one interview with a gay related magazine or blog. Other sources for the pink whispers are a bit more subtle. His father is a retired General Motors executive and his mother a domestic engineer. His life would change in when a catalog camera scout spotted him at a party in Nantucket, which is a small island about miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Depending upon the angle of the camera and lighting, his eyes can take on a bluish-green hue. All we can say is — the man is super! While many people assumed Welling played football growing up, which is likely attributed to his television and movie roles, the reality is that he was not really involved with this sport according to an interview Welling gave in to Film Monthly.

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He was also involved with sports at the time, including baseball and soccer.

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Is Tom Welling Gay or Straight?

Would love to meet him someday and not in a sexual way. Along the way, we will share some cute pictures of the hunky actor, including a super video that is sure to make you think big things. Next Grant Gustin Gay or Straight? This may seem like a silly point but anytime a good looking star like Tom Welling gets a divorce, pink whispers are sure to follow. One thing is for sure about Tom Welling — he is a notoriously private guy! Gay Celebrity Gossip will take a look at the life of Tom Welling and explore why gay rumors may float around about the star.

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In September ofhe showed up at the Venice Film Festival to promote the movie Parklandwhere he played the role of Roy Kellerman. Tom Welling is one of the hottest actors on the planet. Sign up for our newsletter. With his marriage over and his Smallville days behind him, the star has started to pop up again in news stories and media. Male celebrities who are majorly hot like Tom Welling are often on the receiving end of gay rumors.

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