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The extent of bisexual behaviour in HIV-infected men and implications for transmission to their female partners. Four researchers, three of whom were native speakers of Portuguese or Spanish, coded the data. Boys Sex Tube Moreover, the majority of partners reported in the specific sexual encounters were also Latino. Male Gay Tube

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Popular media reports on bisexual men and AIDS.

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My husband is on the down low … and I know about it. The first theme concerned the types of relationships that occur in such partnering. There are several limitations to the current study. We also examined differences in sexual behaviors reported with partners who identified as straight, bisexual, and gay, as well as beliefs attributed to Latinos concerning sexual orientation and sexual roles. We used computer assisted self-interview technology with audio enhancement A-CASI and touchscreen responding to administer a survey in Portuguese, Spanish, or English, depending on the preference of the participant. None of the participants labeled his sexual orientation as straight.

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Some researchers attempted to transpose new labels onto Latino bisexual men in the United States with little theoretical basis. More than two thirds of the quantitative survey respondents reported that they had had sex at some time with a man who identified as heterosexual. About one fifth of those with straight partners and one half of those with gay partners described their relationship as close. Masculinity and Latino culture. Padilla draws an even wider picture. Island Teen Jerk Off In this special section, we have given special attention from public health and theoretical perspectives.

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