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QueertyQ Anna Renee: Two of the dwarves? How exactly does that make you more qualified to know him — now — as an adult man who has had many years to be gay, straight, bi or unlabelled, than say, Ian McKellen, who knows and works with him? I think perhaps the reason this comes up so much is his sort of happy go lucky attitude usually that is the thing peple bring up first "well he acts so" that means nothing. I mean afterall isn't this place devoted to discussions of all types? I just wish in a global economy there was more understanding of different perceptions and customs. He spent his entire life as most men of his class did in the company of men.

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Sam is doing the same thing, just on a deeper level.

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And why they've got hairy feet. That was a wisecrack. This is probably more of a fantasy of the ruling classes than a reality.

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Or could it even be both?

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