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My name is Nick. And there are times when "when I was a kid When men and boys step outside the Man Box, there is a dominant majority quick to tell them they are falling short, they are not man enough, they are acting like a girl or a gay man. Did you react to that criticism by trying to overcompensate or act more traditionally masculine? He is a great role model to BJ and me. To find out, we spoke with seven gay dad families, each with a different number of Fathers' Days under the belt from their first to their 30th! I was naive to believe that compared with straight parents, gay parents would understand and support their gay children more.

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But one thing I know for sure is that I try to be a great dad — and for me, that means thinking critically about why things like the colored nail polish come up for me, seeking to value authenticity in myself and those around me, and understanding that my children, like yours, are unique, perfect and have much to teach us. These kids are mine and I'm responsible. Parents Guide.

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Heteronormativity, a structure which privileges straight coupleserases how many family structures exist outside of the traditional mother-father nuclear family.

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