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An unusual combination, Le Feeling is a low-key gay and lesbian hangout with the atmosphere of a small local bar. After a rain, the smells of the forest deliver you far from this concrete, smog-choked, ozone-addled petropolis. Top 10 gay bars in Paris 1. The aptly named Cox bar is a mainstay, centrally located in the Marais on Rue des Archives where, on warmer evenings, the crowd spills onto the pavements with only a feeble chain rope to keep patrons from taking over the street. Just go to any of the C-USA games at Robertson Stadium, wear your Coog colors, be friendly and chances are pretty good someone will give you one of their extra tickets.

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But it's the woods that will bring you back:

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Even if you aren't into birds, the park has lots to offer. How could he not be named Best Rocket? They're not blindly slavish; they've made their displeasure known by being slow to fill Reliant on game days and leaving lots of unused seats when things seem especially hopeless.

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A six-foot-six center, Hayes gives up a huge height advantage to opponents but plays dogged, tough defense.

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