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I had developed a close friendly relationship with many of the students. Not going to lie, I was attracted to him and totally said yes. Recently, we featured several stories from people of the Gay Pop Buzz community who shared their first gay experience with the blog. But the summer just before I went off to college, all of that changed. With each downward bob I got his cock to go deeper down my throat, often stimulating a gag reflex.

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With that, I opened the door and hopped in.

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My first gay encounter

Gay Pop Buzz Copyright One day in the kitchen, he asked if I wanted to split some with him. Sign up for our newsletter. As we got to know one another over the course of time, we became friendly. He then moved his seat all the way back and reclined it slightly as he reached down and un did his belt and top pants button. It quickly grew to a full blown hard on as I slowly bobbed up and down letting as much saliva drip as I could.

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I had developed a close friendly relationship with many of the students. It was then that he surprised me by saying, "let's do it. My first gay experience was more visual than anything else. One was blowing the other while the third stood watch. And it was my first time ever encountering someone who went gay for pay.

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