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I actually am really good friend s with a gay priest who has another gay priest for his partner. Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email. Archived from the original on August 12, Retrieved October 9, On two occasions, the church accepted offers for radio air time in exchange for canceling an announced protest. Woman reveals how much she carries for friends in bra. Mark has probably brought more people to God, than half the so called preachers!

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Repent all you sodomites if you dont you will burn in hell forever!!!

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Fred Phelps Sr, ex-pastor of gay-hating Westboro church, 'close to death'

Retrieved November 29, Westboro Baptist Church claims protest at Whitney Houston funeral when none is apparent". In Phelps opposed Clinton's and Gore's re-election because of the administration's support for gay rights ; the Westboro congregation picketed a inaugural ball. Westboro members who disagreed with Edwards' tolerance for gays were "promoting awareness of the dangers of homosexuality", Line of Love gave its goal as "promoting proper respect for funerals". The group reportedly posted a list of the upcoming protests' locations and dates, along with the statement "Jews Killed the Lord Jesus.

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His father was a railroad policeman for the Columbus and Greenville Railway and a devout Methodist ; his mother was a homemaker. Soon, their protests had spread throughout the city, and within three years the church was traveling across the country. Retrieved October 24, Dorothy Cantrell is killing me. How can anyone with functioning eyes and ears mistake him for anything other than gay? Phelps earned a law degree from Washburn University inand founded the Phelps Chartered law firm.

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