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I can feel the silky hair just behind his ear brush along my cock head. Truth or, well mostly dare. A few guys were down on their knees, giving head to a line of guys in the shower. Danny added my cum to the lube and began bumping his cock on the outside of my ass. I had had lots of girls, who I enjoyed sexually and had experimented some at school, so I was calm for the time being. He must be loving this. Jimmy and I aren't together any more and that's what makes this story so important to me.

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I live 35 miles from here off the expressway.

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He dropped down to his knees and sucked my dick into his mouth. Am I going to do this? We Got Really Dirty. Joe's pain was slowly getting replaced with pleasure. My legs buckled and he drained me dry. He looked down in Cary's crotch, just to see a boner growing.

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Me, Kenny, and Brandon: So Danny and I told jokes and drank. If I'm going to be swollen stiff I might as well enjoy it. He threw his boxers to Cary, grabbed a pillow to cover his crotch, and then sat back down. Turning a man into a slave. He felt his own penis twitch, then turned to look elsewhere.

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