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Ron's don't look that different from Hermione's, and, well. Many of you will know this. Harry's cheeks flamed and he muttered something about Charlie being a bloody pervert and stupid and that he should bloody well shut up and not say stuff like that. Charlie slowly opened his eyes and sat up. And I really don't mind other people shipping characters. There has to be some sort of demonstration or the author just has to come out and say it.

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Only his ears felt warm, and his smile, while wider than usual, matched Charlie's exactly.

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5 queer characters in the Harry Potter universe

Well, he thinks so, and he intends to act on it. Harry's shoulders and arms were littered with black and purple grab-marks and the rest of his torso sprinkled with bruises that weren't made by fat, grabbing hands. Like Grubbly-Plank, she also hits all the requirements to be a card-carrying lesbian: The war had ended and Harry wasn't too keen on being the perfect poster boy for the Ministry and dating Ginny Weasley. Glad to have your approval.

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Four years after watching the love of his life marry another, Draco is still reeling. I just don't get it. But that's for another topic, I'm sure. I don't think it's generally as clear cut as that, because indeed that would include a whole shitload of characters. I guess asexuality is still the most uncomfortable option for some reason.

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