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Telephone Computer voice uncredited John Radcliff Hooters Girl Tyler McKinney Fred's sister uncredited Kevin Copelan Larry Valentine Jessica Biel They soon kiss, but Alex, still believing Chuck is gay and married, is shocked and immediately distances herself from Chuck. Dancing Man uncredited Julie Reifers Los Angeles Jamie Marshall

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To put them at ease, she suggests they get married in Canada.

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Full Cast & Crew

Larry's Neighbor uncredited Lauren Kokenes New York as Cheryl Quarantiello Schnitzler. New York Fred Teague New York Patrick Guzzo New York Todd Fullerton Chuck and Larry arrive at the gay fancy dress party to be greeted by a butterfly.

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Councilman Banks Nick Swardson Wedding Singer Stephen Dress Uncle Sam uncredited Jennifer De Minco Larry introduces himself to Kevin and he asks who's pitching and who's catching. In Novemberthe producers of the Australian film Strange Bedfellows initiated legal action against Universal Studios for copyright violation.

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