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Cause I can lip read, I see some wierd stuff Get our newsletter every Friday! I grew up being told I was gay. But listen to me now, and listen very, very closely: I got this a fair amount during undergrad and even more in my professional life.

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Do me a big favor and put all of that out of your mind for a while.

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Sorry, high school is just not our time to shine. Function order - a helpful list of each type and their functional stack. And, of course, I'm a geek Hell, I'm posting in an Ars forum so I'm not into the whole "I'm a guy so I have to be a big testosterone-filled jerk and sling my dick all over the place" thing. It's basically saying that sexuality is a choice, and that with the right "therapy," anyone can be "converted. Photo by Rishad Daroowala. Goddamn, you sound like me Don't know about girls being more mature but they're definitely more interesting Oh, and I get asked the same thing.

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Sat Mar 03, 1: Before finding AVEN I had started to think that maybe there was something wrong with me, teens being the age of hormones and all. And by "love" you mean you want to do annoying things with them. You're in an interesting situation, being considered gay and all, but its probably no worse that being thought of as a computer nerd. Then one day I sucked my first dick and I was like "Yeah Oh, my god, we'll get along great!

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