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United States Census Bureau. I don't think it's just me. Technicality delays county's appeal". In fact, it was simultaneously aired on all three national network evening news shows, reaching approximately 60 million viewers. April 30, - DeGeneres' character, Ellen Morgan, on her self-titled TV series "Ellen," becomes the first leading character to come out on a prime time network television show. On December 5,the Obama administration announced the United States would use all the tools of American diplomacy, including the potent enticement of foreign aid, to promote LGBT rights around the world.

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LGBT rights in the United States

Many transgender advocates also advocate for converting single-occupant, gender-segregated restrooms into single-occupant, all-gender restrooms by simply changing the signs due to the high rates of harassment and even violence faced by the transgender community when accessing gender-segregated restrooms according to their gender expression. Legal nationwide since Lawrence v. Retrieved November 2, Hate crime laws in the United States. June - The US Supreme Court strikes down the "homosexual conduct" law, which decriminalizes same-sex sexual conduct, with their opinion in Lawrence v. June 26, - In United States v.

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FHEO is responsible for administering and enforcing federal fair housing laws and establishing policies that make sure all Americans have equal access to the housing of their choice. The Advocate Drum Focus: Reagan's Surgeon General from toDr. On June 25,the Immigration and Nationality Act of was vetoed by President Truman because he regarded the bill as "un-American" and discriminatory. Frequently, the media, and politicians and as a result, society sensationalize transgender identities and oppression is reinforced. Everybody should be protected by the law.

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