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And in a stark illustration of how sparse her options are even here, in one of the most populous parts of the north-east, her route bypasses major metropolitan areas for an unlikely haven at the foot of the Catskill mountains: Church Street; Hornell: The Cortland LGBTQ Center works to create a visible and empowered community through education, advocacy, resource enhancement, and linkages to essential services for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified people, their families and other supportive community members. Need to find housing or health care? She is only accepting new transgender patients at this time so please identify self as trans to the office staff when calling for an appointment, or contact Dr.

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This group meets in Ithaca on Wednesdays and Corning on Thursdays.

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How a tiny city in New York became a beacon for transgender healthcare

Balance Massage Studio http: The Transgender Law Center advocates for laws, policies and reforms that protect the rights of trans people across the U. Is reputed to be transgender friendly, according to TransgenderTherapist. Ryan Network 1 http: Wolf-Gould directly via e-mail.

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State Street; Watkins Glen: Nikolavsky has developed a number of innovations in Reconstructive Urology and has authored many peer-reviewed academic papers. Want to use our data? With a warning to Blessing that she would need his guidance, Wolf-Gould took him on as a patient. Community Health Network 1 http: Her first trans patient was a new-to-the-area construction worker named Toni Blessing, and at first, Wolf-Gould turned him away. Ryan Network 1 http:

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