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The maker of the highest grossing movie of — Transformers: Since little could be done with that scene, the dub team had Airazor fully "come out" and begin to express his affection for Tigatron just before the two of them were abducted by the Vok. Cyclonus and Tailgate have also shared a close bond over the years that gradually evolved into a romantic relationship. Recent issues saw him teaming up with the Autobots, against whom he once waged a four-million-year war. Despite that, there was still enough innuendo left over for the gender-bending to become noticeable. He campaigned for emancipation and equality, but eventually concluded the system had been engineered to withstand any form of dissent — other than force. Until recently, same-gender interests were comparatively rare.

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Does he ever worry it will catch fire in a similar way?

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Reuse this content. Tigatron was presented as a samurai retainer with protective feelings towards his young ward, their closeness addressed in a "brotherly" sort of way. This is obviously not canon. He was in the Tony Benn mould, an international socialist.

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Kissing is a regularly observed sign of affection and in The Headmasters episode " Return of the Immortal Emperor ", Chromedome was rather thrilled he got to see Arcee transform.

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