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I know we do! Let's see your picture, R His bf better watch his back. Don't give him more credit than he's due R It's free so why not?

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He boring, he goes on and on on topics when you can tell his co-host realizes he's making a rant and it is time to move on.

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Ron Corning

It's free so why not? He was able to catch a segment on the station's website that corning wasn't even a part of. Really, he's a very nice guy. Here's Ron with his bf, Jay. This is a really podunk market. I find his reporting to be shallow, superficial and sophomoric at best. Did he shorten his name from "Corningstone"?

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Don't give him more credit than he's due R Did he shorten his name from "Corningstone"? What's the story on him. A hopelessly mediocrity only suitable for a regional operation. His co-anchor is the lady who used to be in Albuquerque who became a YouTube hit after slipping when introducing a blind mountain climber and saying, 'But It's not like HE won the Emmys - his bosses did and as an assistant he's part of their team. Has Pittsburgh really fallen that far?

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