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Realistic is even less of a draw though, now that it's life. Blossoms of mucosal pink, expectantly engorged and elegantlyfrilled like the vibrant mating ruffles of some exotic tropical lizard, arisefrom a purple vase. Did you always just read them because they turned you on even if you got no enjoyment out of it, or did enjoying them disappear with time? I slice the tape between the two halves withmy fingernail and tear off the top. My theory was that by having someone or something "force" this change on you, you wouldn't have to take responsibility for your actions.

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There's a heart-shaped king-sizebed with pink satin sheets and quilted spread, with a matching quiltedheadboard.

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We can go back to Walmart," he says, "right here in Modesto. What does he know about this incredible pain, now thankfully absentbut sure to return at any moment with the hideous crescendo of anothercontraction? Colin comes in from the bathroom, towel wrapped around his midriff, andplumps down on the bed. Of what I formerly possessed, alas!

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It's secretive, hidden, dark, damp.

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