Parents of lesbians

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Stay Informed. Our Trans Loved Ones Our publication for parents and families of transgender and gender expansive people. Follow Us Online. But I am still afraid. A gay person in a happy relationship wants to be able to tell others just as freely as a straight person can. Your child, gradually over a period of years, has had the same shock.

parents of lesbians
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InWendy Wartes and her husband were host parents for an exchange student from Belarus.

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Although I did not interview siblings for my book, during the research, and in my clinical practice, I have become aware of how young brothers and sisters face jeering taunts from peers who accuse them of being gay or lesbian because they have a gay brother or lesbian sister. Parents looking for age-appropriate reading material for younger children who are transgender, gender expansive, or simply have a lot of questions, might think that their options are limited. November 30, Many books have been written, much has been said and many theories have been advanced about homosexuality, but from all this, one fact emerges:

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LaSala's subject matter and I think it's important that this is recognized.

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