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Saying the White House has used gay issues as a wedge to win support from its conservative base, Aravosis added, "If they want to call a truce, our phone lines are open. Trotter, the reporter who wrote all of the Spacey posts and the Shep Smith story Carr referenced, indicated when he spoke to me for this story that he would publish all of those posts again. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. At the time, the Advocate decided to redact the name of the actor Hensley was referring to, even though Rapp went on to accuse him of making an unwanted sexual advance. Rutger's president, Richard McCormick, said that if the allegations against Ravi and Wei proved true, they "gravely violate the university's standards of decency and humanity". Apparently, that standard also stretched to reporting on alleged same-sex sexual abuse.

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What's Working: Steven Fisher, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaignthe nation's largest advocacy group for gay and lesbian issues, said his organization opposed using "sexual orientation as a weapon. There, he allegedly logged onto Wei's computer and used it to access through Skype a webcam he had set up on his own computer back in the room he shared with Clementi. The "Don't Say Gay" bill, which prohibited school officials from discussing sexual orientation aside from procreation in public schools, was reintroduced in January with an amendment about providing counseling for "at risk" students who might be gay.

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Rogers, 40, a fundraising consultant, said he started his website in July after Bush announced his support of the constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage.

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