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But his apotheosis of a commoner, a sexual playmate, was a first. The flickering light from the lamps washed over her oiled skin, making her seem to glow in the darkness that otherwise enveloped the back of the chamber. Lady Lucilla laughed. She stayed seated in her padded chair as I cut her slave down, and watched intently as the girl collapsed into my arms. Suddenly she convulsed almost violently, and her muscles became tense as a strangled cry escaped her lips! Drusilla flinched at the contact and backed into the pole she was tied to, but when I pinched the hardened bud of her nipple, she groaned in what could only be feral arousal.

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On the death of Gracchus, Marcus, who Gnaeus had adopted, was given his freedom, and inherited his master's wealth, becoming Marcus Gaius Gracchus - one of the richest men in the Empire.

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Hour After Hour She twisted her hands over my shaft and squeezed my throbbing hardness as her head bobbed up and down on the head. I lost my virginity to Aurelius when I was 15, and he lost his to me. A searing pain struck my entire body, I jumped forward, throwing my body onto the pillar, yet I stayed in place, hanging from the shackles above.

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Everyone knew this was a lie, but a serious charge came from a serious place, a powerful bureaucrat from the imperial palace, someone my master made an enemy of long ago.

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