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The world of Disney is a dense and heavily populated place. There are many questioning the entire case. A headline-making drug bust at a Hollywood party soon after resulted in Tommy's name appearing in print, and killed his chance for a good role in a John Wayne movie. Serial actors were employed on a project basis, were used only for filming straight acting roles, were paid far more than the Mouseketeers but had much shorter periods of active employment. Can I contact a Mouseketeer or serial actor through this website? Why did the show go off the air? Day and Caswell married unlawfully in protest of the law in

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But I enjoy hearing from everybody, even the occasional Mousekatroll.

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To this day, Burgess still enjoys dancing when touring with Elaine Balden, and owns his own dance studio where he instructs younger students. The boy's mother went to Walt Disney to complain, and Walt decided Tommy had become a liability. She's not let television fall by the wayside though, and currently voices the character Pearl on Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe.

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He had told his family then about Caswell and the latter soon became part of the family.

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