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For guys who enjoy getting gagged, duct tape is a staple. Duct tape is a close second. Hairy Daddy full of tatts bareback fucks horny hunky boy. Some people love seeing, touching, licking, massaging, tickling, and getting penetrated anally or vaginally by feet. As a rule of sex and of life, if you see blood, it usually means something is wrong. Food fetishes can exist for any food, from cheesecake to steak tartare.

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Or just standing outside in freezing temperatures.

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Go to any fetish convention and you will see people in rubber nun habits, priests with no pants on, and people cuffed and whipped on a St. Two boys get used and abused in a public restroom. Telephone Scatalogia: Feces I promised my scat fetishist friend in Dallas that he would be represented on this list.

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Age fetish deserves inclusion on this list for the sheer purpose that it shows how fetishes can cross from the playfully erotic into more culturally profound and impactful subjects.

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