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The ratio of the gas volumes of A: Because the amount of gas is related to volume by the ideal gas law, it is possible to calculate the volume of a gaseous substance consumed or produced in a reaction. Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London. Fontenelle, B. So, 1 volume of nitrogen gas reacts with 3 volumes of hydrogen gas to produce 2 volumes of ammonia gas. The law of combining gases was made public by Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac in This indicates that when we write a chemical equation involving gases, the coefficients not only tell us what amount of each substance is consumed or produced, they also indicate the relative volume of each gas consumed or produced.

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What volume in cubic centimeters of O 2 can be prepared from 1. His equation for formation of water vapor was. This simple whole number ratio is given by the stoichiometric ratio mole ratio given in the balanced chemical equation:

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Mole concepts.

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