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That includes the people you choose to live with, and the friends and pets you choose to bring in. The two men explain to the viewers that neither parent thought that his companion would be perfect for their child. Following a rainbow of families, the black and Asian male couple is joined by their Golden Retriever and daughter, snuggled in domestic bliss. I choose to accept the people as human beings, but reject the activity. An interview with a lesbian couple in the Russian version of their magazine in was pulled, due to the nation's anti-gay "homosexual propaganda" law. It pitches directly to remarrying couples, to single parents men as well as womenand to gay couples, who feature prominently in its advertising.

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Then ready to leave, she packs her clothes but sneers at an old suit.

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IKEA Features Interracial Gay Couple In New Ad

The latest IKEA catalogue which, among its images of modern family living, included one scenario depicting the young and childfree 'Ian' and 'Steve' under the heading "the family is Most young people are being fed a diet of gay rights in schools, colleges, universities, in movies and on TV, in DC and Marvel Comicsand everywhere else. Time passes and she regains her strength to walk and then gets gifts of lingerie and slippers. I choose to accept the people as human beings, but reject the activity. Target saw its stock value plunge after its bathroom fiasco. The IKEA ad disappeared soon after it began when the retailer got a bomb threat at a store from conservatives, along with calls for a boycott.

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This was not the first time Ikea has been criticized for changing its promotional material. This is why the current online version of the magazine in 25 countries, including Russia, contains this letter from IKEA Group: We do our best to stand for equal opportunities and support the human rights of all people. A less subtle ad was run in France, where the male to female transgender walks into a table, supposedly badly hurting the still present package. Ikea is preoccupied with relationships. The comedic closing shot shows her making a rather "unladylike" adjustment of her new panties, which of course anyone could be caught doing. She opens her eyes as flowers are brought to her and doctors consult on her progress.

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