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I'm male also, but not gay. Click here to view original GIF. A feminine "performance" can prove dangerous for men, regardless of sexuality, just as failing to sufficiently "perform" femininity can prove dangerous for women. A subtle approach might be best if you think that there is a chance he might not be into guys. What should I do? Egyptian police have used the app as a tool to arrest gay men, causing the company to issue a warning to Egyptian users.

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Aachal and Aadia in The Other Love Story use buses in a different way, to stretch out the time they can spend with one another.

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People wear pins or use bumper stickers with the pink triangle, an equality sign, or the rainbow to indicate their sexuality. People have done this to me while they were out working. Roopa Rao, who wrote and directed the series, says that this was how she grew up; she had little privacy, and slept on the couch in the living room. Several Facebook groups specific to Kolkata or Bengal turn into forums for announcing activities at the park.

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Rao tells me that since the girls have strict curfews and a short window between the end of class and when they get home, the only way to be with each other is to accompany one another on the bus:

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