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No freedom, no fun, no happiness, just rules. Fortunately, road cycling is an old but still small enough sport in my country and a majority of the riders ignore the rules and just enjoy themselves. Since I got lights, I started night riding. They are Growth, of the finest, toughest sport in the world and are welcome to space on the side of the road in all their fluorescent, wheezing beauty. Mountain-biking, which is why the ratio of teenagers and young twentysomethings doing that to those doing road-biking is like to 1, whereas the vast majority of road-riders are middle-aged.

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This is a particularly encouraging development in a country which has largely associated cyclists with automotive target practice using projectiles like Gatorade bottles and Big Gulps. Thanks for the tips Mark! Anyone who takes this to seriously is a tool.

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No one will make fun of you when you smoke them on the uphill.

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