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Audio Sex Stories! I guess that I had gotten confused in the cab coming over to Joel's apartment because I hadn't realized that my apartment was only about five blocks away and consequently we were also able to discuss the neighborhood. When I dryed him off later, and made breakfast, "Come here pussy" he said, "Yes master" I said back, "You were very good boy, you don' trouble nobody, don' smoke, don' run like gangstaz" He said, "Thank you master" I said, "Don't use that thank you thing, I'm not trynna do you a favour, give me that ciggarets" he said, "Here you are master" I said back, then he took one ciggatet and handed it to me, "light it, take it, come on", I felt so wrong but did what he told me, I took the first ciggaret in my life, "Now you're bad boy", I smiled a little and looked down shy. I mean I won't try and get you to do anything you don't want. He had three computers, a little studio to take photographs of products, lots of CDs and a guitar.

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Well I really don't have much experience but I don't think it does.

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You filthy ass sucking poofter, clean me good now. He asked me if I had this before. I definitely have romantic inclinations towards women but when it comes to pure sexual desires I also think about men.

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I knew all of this from across the bar, just looking at him.

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